Smoked Salmon Crostino

This is as easy as an appetizer recipe gets! I didn’t smoke the salmon, I didn’t whip up the cream cheese and I certainly didn’t bake the bread. Only two skills are required for this recipe; shopping for the ingredients and the ability to assemble them and come up with this beautiful result.

After so much holiday cooking and a few fan activities still going on here and there, like the football playoffs, it is only fair that for a change, we make a finger food that is incredibly delicious and requires very little effort to prepare.

It is time to enjoy the smoky flavor of this salty and smooth salmon on a baguette!



Note: The cream cheese can be substituted with other smooth spreadable cheeses such as Chèvre

(goat cheese)


Ingredients                                                                Prep Time: 5 minutes       Serving: 3-4 people      

1 baguette

6 oz. smoked salmon

4 oz. cream cheese (preferably flavored with herbs)

1 tsp. group black pepper to garnish


(1) Slice baguette horizontally into ½” slices

(2) Spread cream cheese over slices

(3) Top slices with even chunks of the salmon and sprinkle fresh ground pepper

(4) Place on platter and server!



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