About The Peri-Peri Chef

mundiaMy name is Mundia and I subscribe to the notion that food should smell, taste and look great; the essence of Peri-Peri Chef. My passion for preparing great food has been developing since I was a little girl. My earliest recollection of cooking and baking goes back to a time during home economics class in elementary school as I observed my teacher demonstrate how to make Samosas and Meat Pies; then, I was barely able to look over the kitchen counter, let alone hold a rolling pin firmly. By the time I was 12 years old, like every child growing up in our household, boys included, I was able to prepare a complete dinner for a family of seven. As an adult, I am a curious eater and creative cook. I cook foods from my country Zambia, and from cultures that I have come in contact with through my travels and making friends. The cuisines I tend to focus on include; Southern African, West African, East African, Indian, Spanish, French and Contemporary North America. I also take the skill and art of cooking rather seriously; I am certified by the Baltimore County Department of Health as a Food Service Manager  and also by ServeSafe® as a Food Protection Manager. On the more fun and passionate side, I regularly develop brand new recipes from scratch; with a little inspiration to excite my imagination and armed with a thermometer, a scale, a pen and some paper, I am sure to come up with a recipe I have not made before. My career path is in healthcare. I hold a Bachelors degree in Biology and Master’s degrees in Healthcare Management (MBA) and also Information Technology (IT). I currently work for a local IT firm, supporting healthcare laboratories. Outside whipping up meals and working, I enjoy traveling, spending time with my family and friends, and attending or hosting social events.

About The Peri-Peri Chili

The Name of this blog and website is inspired by the Peri-Peri chili, a decadent red and sometimes green African bird’s eye pepper which is prevalent in Southern and East African countries including my home country, Zambia. When I was growing up, the mention of a dish having been seasoned with Peri-Peri chilies evoked expectations of enjoying a dish which was flavorful, colorful and tantalizingly hot. The name Peri-Peri also spelled Piri-Piri has variations in pronunciations depending on the culture you are interacting with. In my Mother tongues Bemba and Lozi it is called Impili-Pili ( which translates to hot pepper) and Mbili-Mbili respectively. It is also called Pili-Pili in Swahili. Through the Peri-Peri Chef blog, I want to share with you my culinary exploits primarily from African cultures because I am of African descent and also from other cultures. Modern day African people and their cuisines are undeniably influenced by many other cultures; for example, my staple food is a side called Nshima, a thick corn porridge, also called Ubwali in Bemba or Ugali in Swahili and Sadza or Pap in Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively. On a regular basis, Nshima is served with meat dishes seasoned with curries, which were introduced into Zambian cuisine by the local Indian population. I also grew up drinking tea for breakfast due to the influence of the British culture. To this day, I still prefer a cup of sweetened black tea with milk to start my day. I have also come to appreciate American cuisine and participate annually, in the preparation of an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you for visiting Peri-Peri Chef. If you wish to get in touch, you may do so through the Contact Us link.