Jalapeño Rings with Bacon and Sweet Bell Peppers

It’s time to get more adventurous with our flavors! We are talking about a combinations of hot and tantalizing Jalapeño peppers, combined with sweet bell peppers and to top it off, savory crispy bacon bits.

Hearty Pearl Couscous and Vegetable Salad

You’ve probably noticed by now that whenever I make salads recipes  such as the Non-Dairy Stuffed Avocado BLT Salad or the North African Cucumber Salad, they are rich both in ingredients and flavors but still work well as healthy meal options.
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Coxinha with Cajun Chicken & Potatoes

The first time I ate Coxinha was last summer during my birthday vacation in Florida. The previous night, I had just enjoyed a lavish Brazilian churrascaria dinner and  lots of red wine, compliments of my aunt and uncle.  While walking past a food truck
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Fritters made with Yeast & Nutmeg

Fritters made with Yeast & Nutmeg: Fritters are one of the easiest and inexpensive deserts you can ever make. I am also an advocate for sticking to the old school method of  using yeast and not some crazy hacks which incorporate ingredients such
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Smothered Chicken in Cream of Mushroom

A few year ago I hosted my extended family and a friend from Atlanta, Georgia for the holidays. While enjoying time off from work, we spent our days touring the capital and the nights feasting on cultural foods; dishes including Nshima
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Non-Dairy Stuffed Avocado BLT Salad

I love avocados, period! My introduction to The Stuffed Avocado BLT, via The Pioneer Woman,  over six weeks ago left me addicted to avocados. I have been preparing my version of this avocado recipe just about every day. The creaminess of
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About The Peri-Peri Chef

My name is Mundia and I subscribe to the notion that food should smell, taste and look great; the essence of Peri-Peri Chef. My passion for preparing great food has been developing since I was a little girl. My earliest

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